Tuesday, 12 March 2013


This seed generates an exposed stronghold in a ravine very near to the spawn point.

Minecraft Seed: -9057352651117540831


  1. cool and i found diamonds in the ravine. (so many diamonds...).

    1. i found 10 diamonds at start... SCORE

  2. This is the best seed I have ever seen, and I've seen alot...
    I'm playing on it with my friend on my server.
    Oh and by the way there are 3 exposed diamond vessels down the ravine very close to each other with like 15 diamonds total and some more diamonds if you dig around... Also a safe (not above lava) obsidian platform exposed in the ravine and an abandoned mineshaft.
    As said - the best seed.

  3. Best seed in the world i cant say anything else about it

  4. best seed ever, honestly I always wanted a seed with easy access to a stronghold without spending forever looking for it since I play on hardcore and last time I went and search for it I ended up dying.

  5. i found 14 dimond, be carful of lava

  6. Best seed ever!
    Lots of diamonds in the ravine, great source of books for a library in your house.
    And, a great head-start for a stone brick house.
    Also, the abandoned mineshaft is a great source of treasure :)
    Best seed in minecraft, 'nuff said.

  7. Agreed; this is the best seed I've seen.

  8. If u go under the bookshelfs and in that hole in pic. #2 (down) u might find diamonds i found some

  9. This is by far the best seed I have ever seen. 15 diamonds first 5 minutes.
    Kudos to you.

  10. unbelieveable seed!! stronghold, mineshaft, lava, gold, DIAMONDS, coal, iron, etc. If it wasn't dark enough so monsters could live there it would be my survival world too!!!