Friday, 25 March 2011


[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.3 - 1.7]

This seed contains some very dramatic scenery including a huge natural lava flow and overhanging caverns in succession.

Minecraft Seed: 2409838883250561605


  1. There is also a zombie Generator at ground level at x:197 y:70, z: 180

  2. X: -86.169
    Y: 64.62000
    Z: 40.7555

    There is a Spider Dungeon just below the surface.

  3. Also:
    X 32
    Y 65
    Z -123

    Zombie Dungeon Nearish Surface

  4. were is the mountans on the pictures anyone have cordinates? thanks

  5. go on far render and swim across the lake that looks to be about 100 blocks across. there should be a huge wall of mountains there. explore. the images are not by each other

  6. A Steve Co. Supply Crate is located at:


  7. Lava flow near xyz coordinates: 177, 70, -125
    Floating island in pic two ABOVE xyz coordinates: 97, 67, -234

    Hope this helps someone out!

  8. How do i know the coordinates where i am, and is there a way to "teleport" to any known coordinates?

  9. Emil you know the co-ordinats by pressing either F3 while in-game this will show sum more stats, PLEASE NOTE: Z IS HEIGHT CO-ORDINAT, so a monsterspawner WILL NOT appear at a height like Z 2** becouse thats not renderable in the game, this will probably be an Z/X co ordinat, this is really difficult when you dont note the co-ordinats good, you end up sumwhere in the sky with nothing -.-
    Either way, thers also the possibility to download the MiniMap Mod, and enabling the Co-ordinat Function (Check Minecraft Wiki/Mod page for more usefull mods, Including Minimap Mod)

  10. I made this as my sever world BECAUSE ITS SO COOL LANDSCAPE!!!!!

  11. xaredndx the z coordinate s not the heightt, the y coordinate is, x and z are north/south and east/west

  12. Emil, download the mod called "single player commands" and then you'll be able to teleport using "tele x y z".

  13. I found the "lava flow" but there was no lava, so I decided to make my own lava :) lol