Saturday, 25 June 2011

beagle bagle

[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.3 - 1.7]

This seed creates a tundra biome with snowy mountain ranges reaching into the clouds. At (x=-60, z=80) there is an enclosed lagoon with a lava flow and a strange floating tree.

Minecraft Seed: beagle bagle


  1. i can't find any galery, is it due to the seed or the latest update ?

  2. If you want lavafalls and waterfalls in the same valley - this one has tons of that. They are also quite beautiful. The large island/continent that you spawn on has about 10 valleys that contain both lava and waterfalls. (so don't cross any oceans after spawn, stay on that land! it is the sweet land!!)

    Also lots of floating islands, towering overhanging cliffs in the clouds, and very dramatic views all over. This is mainly forested areas, with patches of ice, grasslands, and desert.

    I have explored many seeds and haven't found anything that matches this one. And as far as I go in any direction, I keep finding more awesome stuffs. I'm currently tricking this out with awesome tracks and high profile forts and houses.

  3. There is a vein of 8 Diamonds at
    x -51
    y 18
    z 74

  4. found a dungeon with a chest at:
    x: 13
    y: 78
    z: 75