Tuesday, 26 July 2011


[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.3 - 1.7]

Benjameenest on the Minecraft forums discovered this seed which creates some epic landscapes. The caves in the first picture are at (x=550, z=-470) and the collection of floating islands in the second and third pictures are at (x=1200, z=-540).

Minecraft Seed: -8388746566455332234


  1. Awsome seed, whats that burning in the lava on the 2. st picture btw?

  2. burning thing appears to be a tree stump?

  3. A tree is generated above the lake and burns instantly.

  4. lmao thats just messed up :P

  5. i tried the seed but it didnt work all i got was a boring island of sand nd yeah. i tried it 5 times now nd still wont work :/ so idk

  6. @snoosnoo999 if there is a - u need 2 put that in with the numbers to

  7. Great seed... a lot of nice looking features, valley like areas. There is a cool floating island right above the spawn (0,0) which you may not notice if you don't turn around and look back (or look up when you spawn). Head generally X+ and Z- in this seed and you will keep having great features, waterfalls and caves with lava and some lavafalls. Basically moving towards the coordinates in the pics is a great idea.

  8. Go here to view more screens......


  9. Stand atop a waterfall with amazing views of overlapped overhangs in the distance.
    X 530
    Y 204
    Z -201
    Also you are in a mouth of a cave system that opens up on all sides to awesome vistas.

    Lava Pool nearby, on the shore below one of this cave's entrances.
    X 551
    Y 62
    Z -185
    There is just one little opening by the shore.

    Most of the time when you are at a scenic point, you don't have scenic views in the other directions. This one is different, there are cool views in all directions.

    This is my favorite seed so far. I keep finding more places like this. This area is especially packed with stuff!

  10. cool seed, heaps of places to build stuff. I built my city in the area of picture 2.

  11. don't think worked where is the lava pool

  12. Great seed! So many amazing vistas!

  13. dose anyone know what a seeds is for flat land in minecraft?