Friday, 15 July 2011


[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.3 - 1.7]

This seed was discovered by Odelogum on the Minecraft forums and is full of epic features scattered across the world. The lava flow in the first picture is at (x=70, z=90), the cave in the second picture is at (x=200, z=620) and the third picture was taken at (x=540, z=490). 

Minecraft Seed: 965334902297122527


  1. I made a new world on Minecraft. For the seed, I put Free World. When I looked around, I found a lake with gravel surrounding it.

  2. This is DEFINITELY one I'm going to keep in mind for future worlds! :D

  3. This seed is friggin awesome!!!

    I'm having a blast building into the cliffs at the lava area and cottages on top! Yet to travel to the 2nd and 3rd areas though.

    Easily best map I've played yet!

  4. awsome seed found the area in the first pic with lava its so cool

  5. Found both areas pictured easily. It's an excellent seed, both were reachable on foot in the first day with no problem. I'm having trouble deciding between this and -902.. !