Sunday, 18 September 2011


[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.8]

This is an absolute spawn seed with an epic mountain range, NPC village and lava lake very near the starting area.

Minecraft Seed: -4607132567852093914


  1. The little teensy town is cool.

  2. nice world, ima play it all day!

  3. If you go into the swamp and look for a HUGE canyon go in it, follow the water into a cave walk through the hallways, there will be a turn choose the right path and there is a ZOMBIE SPAWNER! YAY

  4. Dude, i was in a ravine, far from the spawn, and found a spider dungeon 1 block above a zombie dungeon!

  5. what are the coordinates of the moutain cause i dont spawn anywhere near it

  6. What are the cordinants of these locations?!?

  7. lol in the last pic there is somethin creepy in that little circle under the main overhang its all shadow you'll see it -shivers- CREEPY

  8. @kaleb Do you mean the odd shadow in the 'hole' or the enderman in the water? (or that's what it looks like, an enderman taking damage)

  9. I have to say, I simply LOVE this seed. (I made my house out of glass, hanging from the ceiling over the lake, shown in the third picture. So cool!) Copious amounts of exploring have revealed many more treasures near the spawn than are mentioned. Here are a few;

    Collapsed zombie dungeon: x- 431, y- 60
    (The spawner is covered by sand, but you can still get to the chests.)

    Abandoned mine shaft: x- 295 y- 93
    (So easy to get lost...)

    Pumpins and Mountains: x- 116 y- 151
    (Floating islands and lava waterfall included.)

    Full-sized village: x- 290 y- 360
    (A little farther afield than the others, but great for pillaging!)

    There's more, but I haven't gotten around to re-visiting them and getting the co-ordinates. Really, this seed deserves more love!