Tuesday, 18 October 2011


[This seed is for Minecraft Beta 1.8]

This seed was discovered by Minecraft forum user Aminom and generates an epic floating mountain range above water at (x=-500, z=-450). The overhangs in the third picture are located at (x=-200, z=-700).

Minecraft Seed: -4110790259237732591


  1. I don't get how I can post a seed on this website. Could someone please help me? I've got a seed with 5 intersecting ravines which is quite awesome.

  2. IKR?

    I have a great seed, at least for me. Spawn is right next to several herds of sheep, lots of water and clay, massive swiss cheese mountains that reach the clouds, pumpkins everywhere, exposed lava in the spawn chunk, spawn right next to a huge pine forest, stronghold with intersecting mineshaft and zombie dungeon, two villages within easy reach of spawn.

    it's screek in 1.9pre4

  3. Same problem here. I can't post seeds or reach the blogger to tell him/her about them.

    I tried an old seed for a desert world, but it didn't work. Instead I spawned in a jungel with lots of chickens nearby. There was also a small cavern with coal and a deep hole with access to some ironore.

    Looked like a good beginner map or I you want one with lots of chickens.

    Seed: Epic Fail

  4. I found a awesome seed dude, You should try this out. Seed is : 2066960 and the Cordinates are : + 20 -55 and Go down to 13. You will see lava everywhere. I used the map to get my cordinates.

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  6. Unknown with the good seed can you just post the seed in the comments? idk maybe someone knows how to post seeds o.o