Tuesday, 17 January 2012


[This seed is for Minecraft 1.1]

IHaTeD2 on the Minecraft forums discovered this seed which creates a large island in the middle of a vast ocean, perfect for waterside city builds.

Minecraft Seed: 336263053901983088


  1. spawned with pigs and cows but couldn't find any sheep, which might be an issue.

    island is cool though, and there are three tiny outer islands within sight, one is a crescent just big enough for its own tree.

  2. If you use this seed in 1.0.0 it still spawns you on an island but its a much bigger bigger island thaen if you were to use the seed in 1.1

  3. Off the coast where you spawn on (X: -228.512562 Y:65.6200000 Z:35.0389) There is a small hole in the water, through it there is a huge underwater cave.

  4. If you go off the island into the rising sun, there is another, larger island with deserts, snowy mountains, open fields, huge open caves, and probably more (I went back to the island and we're building rails between them because our island didn,t have cows and the new one off the coast did). Also, for that spawn point off the coast, one of those cracks in the ground has ~5-6 chests with various loot, and some moss stone around, along with the usual cave ore and goodies

  5. If you go underground. Directly under the island is a giant underground ravine with lava falls, water falls, a possible stronghold (or possibly the remains of a stronghold) and a wealth of elements and minerals. Also, it just looks phenomenal. Check it out!

    I don't have x-ray textures or any special mods. So all I can tell you is to take any of the caves down. Sorry, no coordinates. I'm still exploring this seed in Survival mode. It is tough at times, but fun if you enjoy expansive undergrounds.

  6. It's perfect for my need's, thank you very much.

  7. i have a laptop and when i use the f3 for the coordinates i cant see them they are covered up by a weird red thing and im useing f3 right because i have to hold fn to use f3

    1. that is basicly saying your computers crap (no offense)the lower the spikes, the faster your laptop, i think theres a mod that fixes that (deug screen patcher, or something like that)