Wednesday, 11 January 2012


[This seed is for Minecraft 1.0]

Winter is the ultimate troll seed as you always spawn in a pool of lava. Creative mode is suggested if you want to survive!

Minecraft Seed: Winter


  1. hey there,

    thanks for the seeds, very interesting ^^

    since its not possible for me to post in "share your seeds" (think its full, has 999 comments), im posting it here:

    seed: 666

    You spawn next to a NPC village, surrounded by a large greenfield with lots of animals (sheep, cows, pigs) and a swamp next to it. there is also an entrance to a pretty large cavern system (watch your step ^^) at X -88 Y 64 Z 315.

    also try out
    seed: -666
    you spawn in between a gras and a winter biome. looks realy nice, you have the choice ;)


    1. oh btw, its for minecraft 1.1, dont know if it works with 1.0

  2. Winter still spawns you in a lava pool in Minecraft 1.1

  3. Works in Minecraft 1.1, but not in the 1.2 prerelease

  4. Works in 1.1 as well, but not in 1.2pre

  5. In 1.4.6 you won't spawn in lava, but in x:-91, z:+147 there is very deep hole (depth is about 70 blocks!) with floating lava. If you reach its bottom, you'll see 3 diamons near you :)