Friday, 19 April 2013


Paulsoaresjr found this seed which contains loads of naturally generated structures very near to the spawn point. You will find two large villages at (x=-160, z=220) and (x=60, z=200), a witches hut at (x=-330, z=180) and an exposed spider dungeon at (x=-280, z=150). The mountains in the third picture are located at (x=-550, z=150).

Minecraft Seed: -568688860


  1. Also A Huge Lava Pool With Plenty Of Ores At
    x:259 y:11 z:104

  2. Love this seed.

    dungeons: x: 54 z: 180, x: -222 z: 188, x: -99 z: 232, x: -205 z: 116, x: -175 z: 130, x: -121 z: 130, x: -115 z: 91,
    x: -330 z: 198

    Desert Temple: x: -333 z: 570
    Abandoned Mine Shaft: x: 39 y: 21 z: 615

  3. nice!!!
    I never saw a pink sheep!

  4. And another village at X 80.09436, Y 95.043, Z 180.82057
    Blacksmith with 9 iron ingots,2 apples,3sapplings,3obsidian,and 2 bread.

    Spider spawned at X -280.40939, Y 59, Z 151.62279

  5. I found ALOT of diamonds... worth it :D

  6. This seed is truly quite amazing, I managed to find 4 level mineshaft (by 4 level I mean 4 diffrent mineshafts one on another) :D

  7. Stronghold entrance at x1070 y33 z-31 below the sea
    Nearest landmass at x1079 y63 z-19
    stronghold connects with massive mine