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If you have discovered your own bizarre or wonderful Minecraft seed post it as a comment below.

Be sure to include a brief description and the coordinates of any interesting features. To see your current position press F3 and look for the X, Y and Z numbers.


  1. -4170528309620256802
    at x: 450, y: 63, z: 260
    there is a large flat beach composed almost entirely out of rock and there are multiple exposed large coal deposits and two exposed deposits of iron ore.

    1. This is a Big Forest Biome Island and there's a sandy walkway and under it there's a lava pit. like three blocks down! x:-75.65598 y:72.000 z:13.69326

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  3. The Seed; IslandNation
    The seed IslandNation spawns you in a Swampland that does not look like much, yet do not be fooled. This seed includes many great scenes, large mountains, many lakes, and even a Desert NPC village at coordinates x= 226 y=64 z= -316 , which is all relatively close to the spawning point.

  4. Seed= panghases
    The seed panghases was inspired to me from my friends as they began playing the panghas game in math class. Panghases is a very relieving seed, for those who have been searching for NPC villages for a while, seeing as to how you spawn with a village in your sight. The coordinates for the Npc Village in the Seed panghases is x= 318 y= 64 z= 310 Though I have yet to find much treasure in the village, at the same coordinates I listed, there is a normal sized whole to your side. Within the hole is three blocks of exposed iron ore, so knock yourself out.

  5. Seed= craftmine

    This seed spawns you in a tundra-like biome. Along with that, there is a lava pool. The coordinates for the lava pool are x= -195, y= 68, and z= 281, which is close to the spawn. There is a a cave opening a little bit farther than the lava pool. The coordinates for the cave opening are x= -117, y= 69, and z= 355. There is another lava pool at x= 75, y= 64, and z= -188, which is a boarder of a desert, what this lava pool is in, and a swampland. Along with that, there are 3 pumpkins at x= 54, y= 71, and z= -278, which is far away from the tundra biome that the spawn area and the lava pool is, but kinda far to the lava pool in the desert. There are 2 more pumpkins at x= -16, y= 91, and z= -344. A jungle and a plain meet at x= 227, y= 64, and z= -1066. There is a ravine along x= 389, y= 63, and z= -1649. There are 3 more pumpkins at x= -200, y= 68, and z= 177. If you love traveling far in Minecraft, or you are a new person who wants to see almost everything there is in Minecraft, this seed is for you.

  6. Seed code: -9131872394846817926
    (Random Minecraft generated, no simpler string.)

    Mineshaft Heaven

    This seed produces an exposed mineshaft in a ravine. That's pretty cool and not seen too often, but it's when you go underground that you truly find this is a one of a kind (in my experience at least.) This mineshaft seems to be never ending as it's not 1 mineshaft, but 5 mineshafts connected together!

    Ravine: (19, -761, 61)
    Mineshaft 1 centre room: (56, -682, 22)
    Mineshaft 2 centre room: (38, -792, 25)
    Mineshaft 3 centre room: (8, -679, 26)
    Mineshaft 4 centre room: (-57, -761, 38)
    Mineshaft 5 centre room: (-122, -859, 40)

    The mineshaft centre rooms are numbered in the order I discovered them.

    Stronghold end portal room (not associated with mineshafts): (-932, 244, 31)

  7. 3215399 spawns you next to extreme hills mooshroom island and jungle
    found by Alen_Sft

  8. Seed 7967587140242187825

    You spawn next to big desert village partially flooded as it's so close to water level. Unfortunately there isn't blacksmith in the village, but near the village well I heard zombie moans so at least some kind of cavesystem is underneath it.
    Climbing up to sand dune behind the village reveals desert temple not far away.

  9. seed is -3713462809477684438
    here are some of the AMAZING features!
    at x 112 y 68 z 330 there is a desert village with only a blacksmith, farm, and a well, the blacksmith has 1 iron helm, an iron sword, 2 bread, and 2 gold
    at x 106 y 64 z 330 there is a desert temple with 5 gold, 34 bones, and 10 rotten flesh
    at x -197 y 80 z 805 there is a jungle temple with 26 gold, 4 iron, and 4 bones, combo is up, down, up
    at x -827 y 33 z 662 you find a chest right near the portal with 1 ender pearl and 3 apples, at x -834 y 34 z 645 there is another chest with an iron breastplate and boots
    at x -826 y 18 z 612 there is a dual mob spawner connected to the stronghold!
    it is a spider and a skeleton dungeon, the spider dungeon contains the following:
    1 bread, 2 iron, a saddle, 2 string, 3 redstone, and a bucket
    the skeleton dungeon contains the following:
    2 enchanted books (Power II, Fortune II), 4 buckets. 2 saddles, a piece of bread, and 4 pieces of gunpowder.
    That's all i have found so far, but there might be more things yet to discover!

  10. seed: -2022843585
    lots of dungeons and great cave systems and i found some diamonds also near spawn there is a giant mountain and cows should be next to it.

  11. Seed: 868260162809893036
    With RedPower Mod: Spawn a volcano in front of spawn
    With Buildcraft: Spawn a source of petroleum
    Others: Spawn many caves (3 spawners)
    Have sooo epic mountains and floating grass
    Only Work with 1.4.6/7
    For some reason the 1.5 World Map Generator make a Jungle Map and remove the EPIC Thigs.

  12. Seed:-6898623048353425228
    a desert temple is in these coordinates:
    chests has got these items:
    4 Diamond!!
    8Iron ─░ngot
    17 Rotten flesh And seed has got these biomes Jungle,Plains,Taiga,Extreme Hills,Forest,Desert,
    6gold ingot

  13. Seed: -3032978930208838131

    Lake surrounded by giant mountains at x=23, y=61, z=757.
    Cave with zombie dungeon at x=117, y=60, z=797. Going through this cave, you'll find an abandoned mine shaft (where you can find at least 8 diamonds) at x=83, y=46, z=793 and a stronghold at x=106, y=41, z=801.

  14. Seed:31415926535897932384626433832795
    If you are on creative mode, turn right. If you are on survival turn left. I don't know why you spawn backwards...
    you should see a little mountain range, and in the middle, you'll see an open ravine. down the ravine, there is an emerald block that you could get!!!

  15. Seed: -7568463297382545150

    This seed spawns you right in front of a ravine located in a forest biome.
    Two dessert villages (one with a blacksmith) can be found at x:-271 y:70 z:369
    and x:-250 y:69 z:493

  16. Well... This seed is hilarious.
    There are 4 or 5 spawners just spawning in the Jungle. They have chests and double chests. There is some Stronghold-Like thingy in a lake of the Jungle, too. You just have to check this out, I didn´t know those things are in Minecraft.
    Seed: -4409739005756530438
    This is so hilarious.

  17. This seed is awesome you spawn in a winter biome go straight past jungle biome there is a central island with two rivers on the side. keep going straight you will find sand temple. if you northwest you find a village go west you will find another village. if you take the left river keep going out into the ocean, go straight, intill you reach a dewy biome where the end is. Have fun

  18. Seed: 2374792190304875498

    X: -264 Z: 578
    It contains a pretty cool mountain-overhang landscape close to the spawn with interesting structures and naturally generated ceiling waterfall.


  19. Seed: -6234083944316829932
    The whole thing is epic! It has water everywhere, with epic, mini-mountainous islands placed everywhere.

  20. Seed:1710900608485166026
    AWESOME SPAWN, Where you spawn is in the middle of biomes, sand biome,snow biome, and jungle biome, and after you go forward to the sand biome you see a normal biome

  21. -1281860764 Mushroom Island Near Spawn , x: 278 z : 211 Three Ravines Near Themselves , Nice Iron Cave In Ravines .

  22. Seed:1395040270
    The spawn point is in a swamp biome, and there are tons of pigs around for any survival players.
    At coordinates x=260 z=195 there is a witch hut, and within sight there is an epic mountain with caverns inside of it. Haven't explored very much, so it may need a little more of a look over.

  23. Seed:harcoresurvivortest

    You spawn right next to a ravine; never really explored it though.
    As seed entails try playing hardcore on this seed

  24. -9057352651117540831

    You spawn 50 blocks away from triple ravine and 100 blocks away from a single ravine. In both ravines there is a surface stronghold and a huge abandoned mineshaft.

  25. 5966429823081015677. Island chain with dungeons under.


    You spawn in front of a jungle temple and behind it is a desert fountain and across the desert is a village

  27. -418300302182942700

    Good multi-player seed start.

    Small cave right under spawn with coal, iron and zombie dungeon.
    Village with blacksmith visible from spawn, carrot and potatoes, temple right next to it.
    With chickens at spawn, string and iron in chests we all got geared up with armour, swords and bows very quickly. Lava on surface, gold in chests for apples, allows for quick nether run.

  28. Seed: Banana
    In Ths Seed there are a lot of features for playing on Survival.
    The Spawnpoint is in a Plains Biome, if you turn left you'll see a Jungle Biome, and right you see a Desert Biome. In the Desert, there is a open Dungeon with a Zombie Spawn at coordinates: X:67 Z:256. In the dungeon, there is a hole in the west side that leads to a mineshaft. There is a Desert Temple with Gold And Iron Ingots, Bones and Rotten Flesh at coordinates: X:26 Z:298. In the Desert Temple, if you manage to explode the TNT without dying, you'll see some Iron and Coal Ores. In the Desert there's a well (nothing important) at coordinates: X:78 Z:197. And Still in the desert there are two NPC Villages together, that creates many plantations, at coordinates: X-120 Z:256. There is another NPC Village at coordinates: X:70 Z:45. This one is very strange, the World generator wass drunk while creating this one ;). there is a strange hole in the groun at coordinates: X:37 Z:-181. And the Best is the Last. Near the first NPC Village, heading southwest, there's a floating Island, perfect for a house free of monsters, coordinates: X:-182 Z:297. And around the Desert Village there are many open mineshafts.

  29. -8917535988771358754

    This seed for 1.5.2 is one I got tonight. It spawns you on a big island (about 10-20 chunks, I think, surrounded by ocean) consisting of plains and beach with no tree in sight. It's no good if you want it easy (as long as you stay on the island, I don't know how far it is to mainland or what's there), but I'm going to try to survive there on hard difficulty (not hardcore), setting as a rule for myself not to leave the island.

    In my generation of the seed (not sure if original animal spawning is seed-based), there are a number of pigs there, but they'll run out after a while because animal spawning is rare and you can't plant wheat due to not having a hoe.

    If I'm very lucky, two or more chickens might spawn eventually, allowing me to breed them, but until then, rotten flesh from zombies killed by fist or bow (from skeleton) will be the best food source on the island once I run out of pigs. (Won't be able to cook anything, even if I do get cobble from creepers, due to a lack of crafting table and likely fuel.)

  30. Seed: 7351058600963979867
    There is Desert Temple at x:42 y:65 z:234,
    and desert village near it.

  31. 628322235

    Triple Dungeon under surface.

    Just a small walk away from the spawn. You spawn in a frozen biome with possible chickens and cows near by. Best thing is triple dungeon which is right next to the surface which has 2 spider spawners and a zombie spawner with 4 chests. Chests contain 3 enchantments(1 high lvl) 2 buckets, some iron, saddles, bread, wheat, gunpowder and more. Amazing seed.

  32. Seed 5741544688712846584 Survival island with 3 islands one with a tree and some sugar cane

  33. 1135786

    A particularly strange seed that spawns you on a small island in the middle of a gigantic map-covering ocean. It also contains 2 giant mushroom islands and smaller normal isles. There are NO prominent land masses what-so-ever.
    Trust me, I checked.

  34. Seed -2812374658720914769

    Extreme Hills biome
    x : 103
    y : 71
    z : -99

    an extreme hills biome...


  35. 6441736902822998559 this seed offers a extremely big mountain with nice building space on top lotsa caves in mountain sand and winter biomes near it

  36. -4540751335619652382
    Very close to the spawn is a chunk error where random rectangles of Taiga biomes are inserted into a Forest biome with a long beach southwest of the forest.

  37. NotchTheAdmin is an awesome seed, close to where you spawn, behind you, there is a small waterfal leading to a large underground area with lots of exposed minerals.

  38. Seed -38.850536

    its an extreme hills biome with lot of resources
    there are ravines nearby and taiga and jungle biome also
    so basically there are many chickens ,wolves and cats around

  39. Seed 3478348

    x: 89 y: 23 z: 316

    There is a nice cave to the right, good for spending the first night. Over the large mound there is a huge cave, exciting for exploration. There is iron ore there. Turning right and you will come to a beach and some villagers. A bit off topic, but I recommend if you're looking for a minecraft website for your server. Anyway, love the site, some seeds are interesting as you know what you're going to get :)

  40. Seed: -6736634596946113184
    Flat World
    X: -740
    Y: 5
    Z: -1388

    Chest located in a village. Inside the chest is 2 iron swords, 2 bread, 3 obsidian, and 2 diamonds. Awesome find! I'm not sure if it works on default land but I did it on flat land. Enjoy your treasures!

  41. Found a jungle island complete with a temple at
    x= 70
    y= -310
    found one diamond in chest, has pumpkin patch right in front of temple

  42. seed : royalcrist
    this seed is full with dungeons spiders , skelletons and zombies. and there are a mineshaft , sry but i can't find the stronghold , and i will not say where are the dungeons becuase there are so much dungeons , the mineshaft are under the water in x= 77 z= 322

    enjoy this seed and enjoy what inside every dungeon you find

  43. I have 2 seeds one is jimmy as typed it spawns you in a little stream area. if you turn around a go up the bank of the stream you will see a npc village in the distance. the second seed is forest as typed. this seed spawns you in the jungle but on the edge of an extreme mountain biome and the jungle and not far is an dessert biome. in the mountain biome there is some pretty good caves. sorry about no cords.

  44. Seed- Hotel123456

    A very nice 4 story hotel with 6 rooms on each floor. Each room will have two large chests. On the first floor with the check-in counter there will be a dine-in cafe.

  45. seed: lolipop
    Survival Island with 2 trees & 1 dungeon.
    seed: temple of herobrine
    Extreme hills biome with nearby taiga, jungle, plains, ocean. Many exposed caves. Many pigs & sheep.

  46. here is a seed1
    a mineshaft
    4 spider spawner
    and a huge ravine of LAVA

  47. In honor of recent political backstabbing in Australia:
    Seed: TheLabourPartySendTheirRegards

    Default world has a village right next to spawn with both carrots and potatoes, as well as a library and blacksmith), a nearby exposed spider spawner with 17 gunpowder (and other stuff), and extreme hills right next door.

    Village at -182, 285 (with library and blacksmith, and carrots and potatoes)
    Exposed spawner at -120, 214
    Extreme hills next to both
    Dig below -189, 197 to get another spider spawner (dig until you reach a cave; spawner is sealed off right next door)
    Rectangular depression in lake takes you to mineshaft in extreme hills -71, 322 (with exposed emeralds, and pumpkin and melon seeds)
    As an aside:
    Chestless zombie spawner in mineshaft at -380, 226

  48. Seed: 8012977911539827160
    Flat world:
    There is a huge village next to the spawn.
    If you set your preset to waterworld the city is than under the water.

  49. 1.6.1 (Horse Update)
    seed= -783592646400831706 Sand Village+ Sand Temple (Linked)
    Contents:(Blacksmith's chest)Iron Leggings,Gold horse armor, 2 apples
    (sand temple treasure room)3 DIAMONDS, 15 gold ingots
    (village+ temple is on the outskirts of the jungle, when you spawn, get to the outskirts(close to spawn) and keep going left)

  50. 4302687619043235966
    Make sure to put on 'Large Biomes'
    you spawn right over a chasm with an intersecting abandoned mine and stronghold in it.....AWESOME!!!!


  51. 4315189602078465046
    Spawns you in a grassland biome, near to a cave which has some iron ore at the entrance. If you travel left from the cave entrance you should come across a village and a desert temple almost right next to each other. (It's easier to find them on creative, and then memorize the way to them for survival.) Also, the desert has around two diamonds and around ten gold.

  52. This seed is amazing at the spawn there is a village with 6 bread, 1 apple and iron leggings X2. Also it is just cool seed with good building ground
    Seed: timo freeman

  53. Seed: 146970306

    Point of interest:
    X: 201
    Y: 74
    Z: 106

    At these coordinates, you should find a half-buried Desert Temple not two blocks away from a Desert Village.

    The Temple's total chests contents are:
    4 Diamonds
    12 Gold Ingots
    7 Rotten Flesh
    17 Bones
    3 Emeralds
    16 Iron Ingots
    1 Set of Iron Horse Armor

    This is more than enough to get you off to a great start, plus you have armor for that horse you'll no doubt be seeking out.

  54. Seed: Minecraft 1.6.1

    A very large survival island with three trees. Abandoned mineshaft runs under it.

  55. Seed.Swissl Survival x=202 Y=70 Z-1171

    2 Diamonds, Iron Sword And Pick Axe And Iron Boots This Is For 1.6.1 Or 1.6 Enjoy

  56. Seed: -3079843068631650860

    is a very complete world with almost all biomes together (not desert) with a VERY SMALL VILLAGE (ONLY WITH A BLACKSMITH HOUSE) at x:300 z:230
    and a spawner of skeletons at x:100 y:64 z:311
    with two chest and a lot of horses

  57. Horses horses everywhere!

    This is a large biome Plains world covered in horse herds. It's kind of ridiculous. Trees are a good fly away though, but if you're into ranching this is the world for you!


    (Horses all around. Donkeys too. Enjoy!)

  58. I think ive found this seed as nobody has posted anything about it soo without further ado the seed is : 7256094137506308269

    The seed spawns you in a full village with the exception of a blacksmith, in the vilage there is a pumpkin and also underneath the village is an awesome cave system :D

    awesome seed. definately check it out!

  59. Seed: 7921347551598164294
    Default world
    You will spawn somewhere near x=-160 and z=270.
    There is an epic mountain just nearby and a cave just somewhere around x=-300 and z=330.
    At x=150 and z=440 there is a desert.
    At x=400 and z=270 there is a village near a swamp and snowy plains there.

  60. Seed: 4849208895178807702 Update: 1.5.2, not sure if it works for latest update

    this is a sweet seed which spawn you in an epic hills biome with a very large area of mountains i just found this seed and searched it just a bit so all i found was a jungle temple and i'm not sure if there more, my guess is yess because there is alot of jungles.

    Jungle temple ----> X= - 490 Y=95 Z= 758

    i'm not sure if you want to know temple items but whatever i'm posting it anyways, just close your eyes if you don't want to know Lol, :P

    (Book of respiration I) , (5 Diamonds) , (5 iron) , (23 bones) , (9 rotten flesh)

    very cool seed and barely explored, so check it out

  61. -5595369248426211471

    Spawns you right next to a jungle temple.

  62. Pink Sheep World!
    The whole spawn area + alot more of the world is filled with Pink Sheeps. Which are very rare.

    Seed: 8502656318010774079

    x: 185
    z: 860

    These coordinates are in a big plainsbiome. The whole field is filled with pink sheeps.


  63. I' ve discovered a wonderfull seed: 388482748183637145.
    It is a really unique Strenght Hills biome surraunded by all other biomes!!!

  64. Seed: Sweettarts
    Default world
    You should spawn in a snow biome if you go to cords of X 198 Y 75 Z 153 you will find a really small extream hills biome in the snow biome.At the cords of X 90 Y 64 and Z 151 you will find a ravine. I havent explored the rest yet.

  65. Seed:

    You spawn on the edge of a mountain. Near the mountain

    there is a desert, where you can find 2 dungeons.

    The first dungeon: Located at
    X -65
    Y 65
    Z 408

    The Second dungeon: Located at
    X 163
    Y 64
    Z 667

    After collecting all the items, you should have these

    4 - Wheat
    3 - Saddle
    1 - Music Disk 13
    3 - Music Disk Cat
    8 - Iron Ingot
    3 - Bread
    3 - Name Tag
    3 - Bucket
    9 - String
    1 - Gold Horse Armor
    1 - Iron Horse Armor
    1 - Silk Touch I Enchantment Book
    6- Redstone Dust

    And to finish it off, at coordinates
    X 70
    Y 66
    Z 1123

    You can find a little lava fall (1x6x7 using L*l*h) and a

    few overhangs and pillars, near a lake, jungle biome and

    winter biome.

    Again, seed:

  66. seed is: Invincible Mages!
    at x, 125 z, -25 are two surface dungeons 1 skeleton, 1 spider, their loot combined consists of FOUR iron horse armour and 1 gold horse armour + 2 cat records 2 name tages and some other loot
    also at x, 138 z, -18 is a piramid (i didn't get to see it's loot because of the trap)

  67. Seed 8825623209693958183. You spawn in a snow biome and a hill is just cut off. It is unlike anything I've ever seen before. A bunch of stuff is cut off, and instead of having a real beach, there is a straight 8 block drop off. I dunno what is wrong with the world, but I've played for 2 years and have never seen anything like it.

  68. -2797028286634888337

    lakes and rivers and and glorius ,mountain views

    and chest near the spawn point along the beach